Your Media Mix

Your Media Mix – SEO, Branding and Strong Visuals!

Marketing, SEO & Branding
Your Media Mix should be tasteful and colorful!

What does your media mix look like? Like a fine cocktail, your media mix needs to be tasteful and well executed. You need to consider who is your target demographic and appeal to their senses.

At Solstice Media, we work with all kinds of businesses, but we always have a Restaurant or Bar as part of our portfolio. So we know that the image above will appeal to potential clients. A strong message couple with a strong visual is a perfect combination.

But if you are a Tree Surgeon, you may want to have a nice stack of firewood or a felled tree as your image. You want to impress upon those who are looking for your products or services. At Solstice Media, we combine the attractive with the effective. We perform a needs assessment and locate where your target demographic resides. Then we implement an organic campaign featuring the necessary combination of keyword and display advertising.

Part of your Media mix should be display advertising.  Whether organic SEO or paid (Pay-per-Click), attaching visuals helps tremendously.  Who wants to buy something without an image of it?  This applies to services as well.  We sell Marketing and Media as a service, so we chose the mixed drinks as a way to playfully connect the word “mix” to our services.  Get it?!  MIXed drink and Media MIX! Google my Business listings perform much better when a visual is attached.

Finally, the right call to action is applied. Be it a request for info, a telephone number link or a portal to a sales page, we drive your new clients to your brick & mortar or virtual location.

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