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Digital Marketing Growth Strategies
Failing Business. A fall from grace. Digital Marketing to the Rescue!

Failing Business

What was once shiny and new has fallen into a failed structure.  It’s a common tale in a failing business. Complacency is the number one killer of businesses.  “This has always worked for us” is a common response when business owners are faced with a decline in sales.  In addition, Marketing is usually the first expense they drop, which is ironic.

I have seen this with many clients and frankly, most of them fail – even when they bring Solstice on to help them.  Why?  Because they won’t listen.  They fear change.  The are proud to a fault.  They are stubborn.  Let’s say you are a Family business who has been in business for 35 years.  When you were successful the demographic of the neighborhood you are in may have been different.  There was no digital advertising, no FaceBook, no Social Media at all.  You had word of mouth, traditional advertising such as print, TV, Radio and Direct Mail.  As the times change you need to change as well or be swallowed by the new competition and the new way of selling. Prevent your business from becoming a failing business.

Digital Advertising

The first step you must take to avoid becoming a failing business is to enter the world of online advertising.  You don’t have to enlist pay-per-click advertising (Although it can be very effective).  But you do need to make sure you have a Google listing with your business description, hours, phone number and a clear message about who you are.  You need a responsive website.  (Well functioning across multiple platforms like your computer, tablets and smart phones.)  Your old clients are moving, less ambulatory and even dying off.  It’s a sad reality.  Some of them are patronizing your competition.

A successful SEO campaign consists of frequent communication with a presence across multiple social media platforms.  Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing are critical components.  Images and videos are powerful tools used in display advertising.  Furthermore, If you can’t manage these tools, find someone who can.

Your Physical House

Are you a Brick & Mortar Establishment?  If so, what is the condition of your building?  Over the years it is easy to accumulate dust and grime.  Your space may be outdated and in disrepair.  The impression that gives is that you don’t care about yourself so why would you care about your customers?  I work with a lot of restaurants and I see this quite often.  The Hospitality Industry is so time-consuming and difficult that it is easy to go home early instead of cleaning and repairing.  But people believe that if the front of the house is dirty, the kitchen must be a mess!  In other words, It’s a turn-off.

In conclusion, If you keep your space in order every day a little bit, you will stay fresh, clean and current.  This could be a metaphor for keeping your marketing house in order as well!  Stay on top of it.  Maintain a strong message.  Fight to keep your customers!  Fight to prevent becoming a failing business!

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