Restaurant Consultation for Food and Beverage Establishments

Restaurant Consultation Program

Restaurant Consultant
Restaurant Consultation Services

Restaurant Consultation Services

Solstice Media offers Restaurant Consultation Services. The Restaurant Industry defines the places where we live. Cultures and social climate depend on the local dining scene to set the tone for business meetings, family gatherings and socializing with friends. People decide where to live based on factors such as school districts and the local restaurants! The Restaurant Industry contributes mightily to the tax base of a municipality and it typically employs a large number of workers, thus helping the local economy from two sides. It is an awesome responsibility to own a restaurant and one that comes with as many challenges as rewards.

Restaurant Consultation Services
Solstice Media’s Restaurant Consultation Program

Among the many challenges that come with Running a Restaurant is fatigue. There is no sugar coating it, it’s a very challenging and time consuming industry. Success often comes at the expense of lost time with Family, poor health, anxiety and debt.

A successful Restaurant and or Bar is the product of dedication, determination and integrity. Too often we see restaurants fail because the owners either got tired or didn’t know what they were getting into in the first place. Have you ever said to a friend “You are such a great cook – You should open a Restaurant!”? Well many people take those statements seriously and go for it! Sometimes they are successful, but more often than not, they fail in the first year. Why? Because of a lack of experience, support and guidance. They don’t account for the hours, the insurance, the weather, the employee issues (which are MANY!) and food cost. And if you are a Bar as well, the liability, theft and additional insurance costs.


A Restaurant can be a very lucrative and rewarding business if properly run. To do this you must achieve a work/life balance, stay ever vigilant, appreciate your guests, train & respect your staff, take inventory daily and keep your establishment clean.

These tasks are difficult but with the right support, you will achieve success. That’s where Solstice Media’s Restaurant Consultant Program comes in! Turn to us for consultation, training, planning and overall support. Please read on for an A la Carte listing of services.

Consultation – Sit down and tell us what is preventing you from reaching you goals. We are listening and our consultants have hundreds of years of combined experience, which will help to put you on the path towards success.

Secret Service – Solstice provides an undercover guest service where we send our staff members into your establishment to covertly observe your staff. We look for service ability, cleanliness, friendliness, attentiveness and theft. Written reports are provided to the establishment and are presented to the staffer as well with a required signed acknowledgment from the employee, which is placed in their employment file.

Menu Planning
Menu Planning Services

Menu Planning & Analysis – Your menu is your identity, Solstice ensures your items are current, delicious, unique and in-line with your targeted food cost.

Inventory – We will encourage and train you on the method of entering all inventory received into your POS system. This initially tedious process will keep your cost and inventory in line. It will also help you to identify theft of product and waste.

Staff Training – Our team will position your team for success. Front of house staff will be trained on the menu, alcohol (where offered), up-selling, customer service, personality and cleanliness. Back of house will know their roles, be it chef, prep or janitorial.

Kitchen Design – We enlist select architects who will design a kitchen layout which is suited for optimal function and performance. Equipment will be recommended based on your menu and concept.

Marketing – Solstice Media is foremost an advertising agency with a varied client base. We specialize, however in Restaurants and that combination is what helps us best promote your business. Website design, food and building photography, videography, branding, media placement, blogging, social media and SEO services are among the many ways we support you.*

Catering – Are you looking to start up or enhance a catering service? From small deliveries to hosting weddings, we will help you create menus, find venues, train staff, purchase equipment and procure contact lists.

Entertainment – Our Team has connections with numerous bands, acoustic acts and entertainers, which we can book for you or recommend to you. In addition, promoting events on Social Media and Your website as well as along our networks is part of this service.

Valuation – Have you ever wondered what your business is truly worth? Our Accountants specialize in Restaurant Valuations and will give you an estimate based on Historical Sales, Comps, inventory, assessment of your building, equipment and sales history.