The Summer Solstice

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The Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice from Solstice Media! 

I still remember reading about the Summer Solstice some twenty years ago and seeing it described as the moment when the  Sun is at its highest point above the Earth.  I always liked the word Solstice and I also liked the word Equinox. (When the Sun is at its lowest point)  But I think the highest point is a better place to be!  So I added our slogan “Marketing at its Highest Point” to our new name, Solstice Media.

When we started Solstice Media over fifteen years ago, we were mostly focused on Graphic Arts and traditional media outlets such as News Print, Magazine Ads, Radio and Television ads.  But if you want to stay ahead or even keep up with the times, you have to embrace change and continuously re-educate yourself.  Otherwise we would all still be using 8-track players and beta max videos!

We are constantly taking courses and learning what is new and most effective in the world of Advertising & Marketing.  So now we are Google Search Certified and versed in the latest Web Development Technologies, Analytics, SEO, Branding Strategies, Blogging and are constantly improving the quality of our Graphics and Video Capabilities.  

We are in a wonderful time where we as advertisers can physically track our online efforts.  Early in my career we had to rely on clients’ employees asking “How did you hear about us (Which was usually unreliable) or holding onto coupons that consumers may have presented.  It was tough to truly track the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.  But now we are experts in dissecting analytics.  We can not only review the fruits of our labor, but we have software in place which advises us on the most effective keywords in our clients’ respective categories and shows us where they stack up against their competition.

So please enjoy the longest day of the year and if there is anything Solstice Media can do to take YOUR business to it’s highest point, please don’t hesitate to call us at (610) 529-0122.  Also, you may email me at [email protected].

Thank you –
Pete Ricci
Founder, Solstice Media