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Affordable SEO Services from Solstice Media

Solstice Media provides Affordable SEO Services!

SEO Services are an integral part of running a successful business. But it can be confusing and most small business owners don’t know what is right for them. Affordable SEO services are hard to come by – or should I say, EFFECTIVE, affordable SEO Services are hard to come by.

Pay per Click

Pay per click advertising can be a confusing, expensive and daunting task. Google sets the cost per click so you need to make sure those costs make sense. The more competitive the keyword or phrase is, the more it will cost you. Let’s say you are a roofing company. Just saying “Roofing Company” will be extremely competitive. But if you narrow your keyword search term, it will cost you less. For example “Roofing Company Philadelphia” or “Roofing Company Veteran Owned”. This technique helps with your price and also with effectiveness!

Organic SEO

Choosing to utilize Organic SEO is a very effective tool and there are no Pay per Click charges. Organic SEO is a service we offer as part of our affordable SEO services. You do have to work these programs, but if you do, they will be very effective. Formulas I am using in this post are all part of the effective SEO strategy. In this case, I am looking to attract potential clients who are looking for “Affordable SEO Services”. So I have entered that as my Focus Keyword. Then I repeated it in the first heading, in the first paragraph, in the image description and again in this paragraph. The search engines love this.

Furthermore (And by the way, “furthermore” is a transition word – which also helps your rank) I use transition words! When I’m done writing this, I will share this post on FaceBook and LinkedIn with backlinks to my site. I will copy it to a body of an email blast and send it to my mailing lists, I will link to it on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Blogging is key. So let’s expand on that next.

Blogging for Affordable SEO Services

Blogging is the best thing you can do to get the word out. In other words, wether it starts as an email blast, a post on your website or a post on Blogger, you do a few things when you blog:
– You educate consumers and potential clients.
– Folks learn how to contact you.
– An avenue for backlinks is created.
– You build your brand.
– You improve your organic SEO search position.

Ain’t nobody Got Time for ‘dat!

All these services take time and know-how! And most days you are too busy running your business to take the time to market your business. That’s where Solstice Media comes in. We offer affordable SEO services (FYI – I just reinforced my focus keyword) on a retainer basis. We will determine if this program is right for you by assessing your needs and determining the value of a new client. As a result, we will build a program that makes sense for you, or steer you towards basic skills you can tackle on your own. We have had great success with contractors, home services companies, distributors and restaurants. And we can provide you with the testimonials to back that up. So if you want to grow but don’t have the time or skills to make that happen online, please contact us. You can call me at 610-529-0122 or email me at [email protected]. Or visit our website at

In conclusion I just added a call to action above. A few of them, actually. And there is a backlink. So click on it and help my rank! LOL! Thanks as always for checking in! I look forward to taking your business to its highest point!

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