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Effective SEO for Contractors Program

Solstice Media’s SEO for Contractors Program is very effective and cost efficient. When you consider the value of a new client, what is that average profit? In most cases, it is in the thousands! Furthermore, when you do a great job, you get referrals. In other words, one closed lead could grow into more new clients just because of your quality work.

How do you get your new clients currently? Is it word of mouth, local advertising or perhaps trade shows? All these are fine, but relatively ineffective in today’s climate. Potential Clients are searching for YOU online. Will they see you there? Pay per Click can be effective, but it can also be very expensive. And we can help you manage that. However, our SEO for Contractors program focuses on the Organic Marketing Strategy.

Why it is Effective

When people see your infographics and links to blog posts with regularity, you become “Top of Mind” in their searches. That same regularity help your organic position on google search pages. And that is very critical for your business. Seeing photos of your jobs, reading your blogs and viewing your website position you as a trusted and expert Company.

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