Affordable Marketing for Contractors

Affordable Marketing for Contractors, SEO, Social Media Marketing

Providing Affordable Marketing for Contractors

Solstice Media provides affordable marketing for Contractors. We offer services such as SEO, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Development and so much more! Additionally, we are Media Creators, offering videography, photography, infographics and placement. Let us help you grow your business! Retainer packages are very reasonable! Learn more by visiting our Contractor Marketing Program Page.

Here are some ways we can help you grow your business with affordable marketing for contractors:

1. Utilize Social Media — Leverage social media platforms to promote your services, post content that will be of value to potential clients, update followers on company news and respond to inquiries.

2. Establish a Blog — A blog is a great way to help increase your SEO and attract new customers to your website.

3. Monitor Online Reviews — Monitor all reviews of your services and respond appropriately and promptly.

4. Network — Participate in trade shows and industry events to connect with potential clients and build relationships with your peers.

5. Offer Discounts and Promotions — Reach out to current and potential customers with offers to increase sales.

6. Partner with Influencers — Identify influencers in your niche and partner with them to help increase your reach.

7. Send Direct Mail — Offering clients incentives to try your services via direct mail can be a great way to get new customers.

8. SEO Optimization — Optimizing your website with relevant keywords and phrases will help your website become more visible to people searching for your services online.

9. Adwords Campaigns — Utilizing an Adwords campaign is a great way to target people who are looking for your specific services

Why it is Effective

When people see your infographics and links to blog posts with regularity, you become “Top of Mind” in their searches. That same regularity help your organic position on google search pages. And that is very critical for your business. Seeing photos of your jobs, reading your blogs and viewing your website position you as a trusted and expert Company.

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