When Does Online Marketing Make Sense?

When does Online Marketing make sense?

The answer is ALWAYS!  Gone are the days when folks pull out the yellow pages to look for products and services.  We live in a World where smart phones rule and we need instant gratification.  So how did you come to even read what I have written here?  You came to this point because the title of this article answered a question you had.  “When does Online Marketing make sense?”  The way to get your message in front of those who need it is to apply quality content.

What is quality content?

It’s content, which is relevant to what you offer.  Search engines want to make sure your keywords match your content.  The content has to be relevant to your industry.  For example, you can not make a teaser post, which says “free money”  or “images of beautiful people” if you are not in the business of giving away free money or images of beautiful people.  You will actually be penalized if your keywords don’t match your content.  It’s all part of your “quality score”. If you sell sneakers, but not shoes, don’t list yourself as a shoe store.  Emphasize sneakers.  If you are a restaurant, be as specific as possible with your keywords i.e. “Italian Restaurant” or “Casual American restaurant”. Your content is the heart of your website or launch page.  And your website or launch page are your business’s first impressions.  Ensure that your information is clear and that your site or page is easy to navigate.  If not, the individual searching for what you offer will quickly move on to the next competitor’s site.

“I Can’t afford a pay-per-click campaign!”

While pay-per-click campaigns can be very effective, they are not always necessary for you to have a successful online marketing program.  Many people actually skip over the top of the page paid ads because they see them as ads and not information.  Many times potential customers will scroll down to the organic (unpaid) listings first.  This is where you want to be.  There are definite ways which you can do this.  I will say, it can be daunting and you must stay on top of it, but with a little knowledge, you can be successful with an organic campaign.  There are plugins like Yoast, which gives you page by page critiques of your site and offers suggestions for success. Also, there are programs which you can enlist to view your traffic, such as Google Analytics.  When you see where your site/page falls short, you have the opportunity to improve.

“I don’t even know where to begin!”

That’s where we come in.  Solstice Media offers a $99 Assessment Service.  We will evaluate your site, show you your analytics report, show you heat maps detailing how people navigated your site and give you suggestions of how to improve your site. In addition we will run a report for you in the two following months to show the results of your changes.  This is a great way to see how effective your current marketing is and it forces you to take action!  The $99 Assessment Service is a very inexpensive way to analyze your online marketing and ensure you are putting yourself in the best position for success.  Please call us today at (610) 529-0122 or email Pete at [email protected].

Thank you!