Business Recovery Program

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With our Business Recovery Program, you can move on from Covid losses and get noticed!

Solstice Media’s Business Recovery Program

We all have suffered losses from Covid-19 but Solstice Media’s Business Recovery Program will help get yourBusiness noticed again! Furthermore, it won’t cost a fortune. Solstice Media has seen too many clients suffer because of business closings. Our Restaurant clients were forced to close and then open with very limited capacity. In addition, our Contractor clients suffered because people were afraid to let them into their houses to do work. It hurt us all in unique ways.

Now our thought are turning to cooler days and the hope of recovery. As business restrictions are lifted, it is critical that your Business stays top-=of-mind. With our Business Recovery Program, your Business will do just that. We assist you with AFFORDABLE ORGANIC SEO services. We take the time to learn what sets your business apart from the competition. We do industry-specific research. We optimize your website, add in Google Analytics and write a blog post every other week. Finally, we share that post on Google as well as across your social media platforms. In addition, we will produce photos, videos and infographics, which help you perform better on Google.

Is this “Pay-Per-Click”?

This is not a Pay-Per-Click program. The Business Recovery Program focuses on organic methods. Solstice Media does have the ability to help you with paid advertising, but that is not what we are focusing on. This program will help you develop your brand, create awareness, distinguish you from your competition, improve your search ranking and position you as a leader in your field.

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Pete Ricci – Owner, Solstice Media, LLC

How can we help?

Solstice Media works with all kinds of small to medium sized businesses. We have especially enjoyed great success with Restaurants and Contractors. For a free consultation, please call Pete Ricci at (610) 529-0122. And please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!