Resolutions versus Goals

 Happy New Year! Resolutions versus Goals

Resolutions versus Goals
Winter is a great time to review your goals for the New Year! 

Happy New Year everyone!  Here in the Greater Philadelphia Region, it has been a tough Winter!  First Carson Wentz gets hurt and then a brutal cold snap that has hurt the region’s businesses.

How can Winter effect your business?  First there are physical things such as snow and ice, which will hinder traffic and driving ability.  Then there’s the fact that people think it’s just too cold to go out to eat or see a show, etc.

Furthermore, there may be damages to your physical plant, such as burst pipes, failing roof, icy pathways and freezing warehouse space.  Weather is something you need to factor in.  The cost of plowing, maintenance and additional clothing such as gloves and hats all factor into additional costs of running your business.


So we have all made resolutions before.  I will lose weight.  I will be more successful.  I will do more charitable work.  I will be a better “Me”.  But it seems that traditionally, resolutions are made to be broken.  It’s almost a given.  You will break your resolutions before Spring.

If you shift from resolutions to GOALS, you may see an increase in productivity and preparedness.


Goals are better than resolutions because the formula for achieving goals is structured, where resolutions are more or less just statements.  With goals, you have to plan a strategy or course of action.  You have to revisit them weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.  And in setting goals, you can add whatever components necessary to reach the overall goals.

You can make sure to regularly check the upkeep of your physical plant.  Check the roof, do I have rock salt, first aid kits, shovels and emergency lighting, etc?  So that’s your workplace safety goal.  In writing.  Able to be revisited.

Personal Goals are another thing that you write down and revisit.  Count calories.  Write down what you ate. Track exercise. Sell more.  Track sales calls, document leads, manage your database.  Align results with goals.

Achieve Success

At the end of the day, you can enjoy a greater level of success when you choose the goal method over the resolution method.  Tracking results and revisiting your plan are the key components to a goals-based system.  Make your goal to be awesome and awesome you will be!